1. HOW TO CHANGE FROM THE LT TO THE EN CALENDAR At any time you can change language by clicking on the LT or US flag thumbnail. These thumbnails appear on every screen of the calendar. 2. USING THE CALENDAR AND SETTING A FAVORITE REGION Question: I want to set up a direct link to the Draugas Calendar, but I’m interested mainly in the events taking place on the East Coast. Is there a way to set up a link that will show the East Coast events as a default? Answer: Yes. Please copy the desired link below. It should be stressed that regardless of what calendar you start from, you always can change region by selecting from the REGION/REGIONAS menu) an you can always go back and forth between EN and LT. Links to Regional Calendars: ————————————— ENGLISH EN East Coast: Grid List EN Midwest: Grid List EN Chicago Area: Grid List EN West Coast: Grid List EN all U.S.: Grid List. EN All Events (including Canada and Europe): Grid List.