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Kūčios Christmas Eve Lithuanian Style

Christmas EVE and CHRISTMAS [a.k.a. Kucios ir Kaledos] Ancient historical sources confirm the main moments of the winter holiday, the return of the sun, which are found in the 20 century Lithuanian beliefs and traditions. Supper on Christmas Eve “ Kucios”, the oldest Lithuanian feast, celebrated according to the sun’s calendar. ...

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Folklore: the Lithuanian-Celtic Connection

By Jonas Balys For ages Lithuanians lived in close proximity to the Germans and Slavs, and we would think their folklore was greatly influenced by both. Not so, as this article shows. The folklore of the Lithuanians is rich and diverse. About half a million legends, tales, songs, customs, beliefs, ...

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Folklore: the Musical Heritage of Lithuanian

BY RODERICK TUCK THE MUSICAL HERITAGE OF LITHUANIA Lithuanian music ranges from the most archaic forms of folk music to the more stylistic compositions of today. Throughout the centuries music has accompanied Lithuanians on every sort of occasion. There were songs, called dainos, for the daily tasks of reaping, herding, ...

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