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HOPE AND SPIRIT. The deportations started 75 years ago

Dr. Andrius Plioplys’ light sculpture series, “Siberia Souls” .

Dr. Audrius Plioplys. This June marks the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of Stalin’s deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia. During the night of June 14, 1941, thousands of unsuspecting Lithuanians were awakened from their sleep and arrested for deportation. Many were unable to take anything with them. Crammed into cattle ...

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Neringa a Place of Quiet Pleasures

Text and photos by JULIE SKURDENIS. THE CURONIAN SPIT (KURŠIŲ NERINGA) IS A 60 mile long narrow finger of forest and sand that separates the Curonian Lagoon (Kuršių Marios) from the Baltic Sea. The northern portion of the spit is Lithuanian. It’s called Neringa after a legendary giantess who supposedly ...

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A Landsbergis Sonata on Independence

Thomas Ginsberg with fellow reporters questions Boris Yeltsin.

Thomas Ginsberg. Finally, around 10 pm on the eve of Lithuania’s independence plebiscite in February 1991, President Vytautas Landsbergis emerged from his inner office at the Seimas, glanced expressionlessly at me and the other foreign journalists in an anteroom, then motioned for us to enter. The momentous day was just ...

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Gliders on the Dunes: Gregorius Radvenis − Pilot and Instructor

by Mindaugas Sereičikas. The name of military and glider pilot Gregorius Radvenis and his contributions to the sport of gliding in Lithuania have been unjustly forgotten, since the word which best describes him and his accomplishments is “first.” He was the first Lithuanian to become professionally proficient in gliding. He ...

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The Story of Baltic University (1946-1949)

By Helga Merits. Who would imagine that refugees who had lost everything would create a university so soon after WW II in an almost totally devastated city? The story is not widely known, so I decided to make a documentary film about it: The Story of the Baltic University. At ...

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Making Waves in Lithuania

By LEO ALGMINAS. Soon after Lithuania regained its independence in 1991, I traveled there to see for myself what the country of my birth looked like after nearly a half century of Communism. As a self- employed consultant to a particular segment of manufacturing, I also scouted for ...

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Lithuanian Songs on the Korean War Front

By VIKTORAS JAUTOKAS. A confluence of this summer’s Lithuanian song Festival in Chicago and ongoing news reports about North Korea rattling sabers at south Korea and America rekindled memories of my army service in the Korean war. In the trenches, I experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. Enemy artillery ...

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Diving German U-Boats Off the East Coast

Personal Memories of World War II, Lithuania, and the Lithuanian Diaspora By VALENTINAS RAUGAS. As a recreational New Jersey wreck diver for ten years, I had the opportunity to do two separate dives on german u-Boat 853. This wreck was a german electric submarine which was sunk on the East ...

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Springfield Lithuanians

By Sandy Baksys. Sandy Baksys’ new book “A Century of Lithuanians in Springfield, Illinois” is an extensive collection of individual family stories providing a personalized record of the experiences shared by thousands of immigrants who came to United States in the previous century. This is rediscovering of one’s roots on steroids. ...

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