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DAINAVA – 60 Years and Going Strong

Dainavos muzikiniai užsiėmimai.

Aldas Kriaučiūnas. Within five hours of arriving at Camp Dainava, in Manchester, Mich., to mark the camp’s 60th birthday bash this past Labor Day weekend, I feasted on cold beet soup, joined in singing Lithuanian freedom fighters songs, and waided through thorns and thistles to reach the natural springs feeding ...

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Baltic Song Around the Globe

by Vida Kuprys. 27 years ago, Lithuanians Latvians and Estonian joined hands in the Baltic Way. This August they joined voices. August 23rd is Black Ribbon Day. On this infamous date in 1939, Hitler’s and Stalin’s henchmen Ribbentrop and Molotov signed a non-aggression treaty that ultimately sent all of Europe ...

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A Landsbergis Sonata on Independence

Thomas Ginsberg with fellow reporters questions Boris Yeltsin.

Thomas Ginsberg. Finally, around 10 pm on the eve of Lithuania’s independence plebiscite in February 1991, President Vytautas Landsbergis emerged from his inner office at the Seimas, glanced expressionlessly at me and the other foreign journalists in an anteroom, then motioned for us to enter. The momentous day was just ...

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Veronika Krausas-Driven to create music

By TADDES KORRIS. Lithuanian-Canadian composer Veronika Krausas is driven to create music that coalesces with other art forms. Be it film, dance, poetry and other mediums, it has been Krausas’ vision to link her music with the arts as a whole. Her relationships with leading figures in the realms of theater, ...

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Once in a Lifetime!

By DALIA CIDZIKAITĖ. The title of this article is not an allusion to the Talking Heads song from 1980 “Once in a Lifetime,” which is included in the list of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.” I heard these words from Daniela Šablinskas, ...

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A conversation with Dr. Indrė Viskontas

Combining a love of music with scientific curiosity, Dr. Indre Viskontas is a Professor of Sciences and Humanities at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she is pioneering the application of neuroscience to musical training, and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of San Francisco where she ...

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I strive to be a Lithuanian national composer.

By TADDES KORRIS. This is a third in a series of articles that explore the works and lives of Lithuanian artistic luminaries who are unduly neglected. Seldom mentioned outside of Lithuania, these artists and their work represent the social and artistic trends of great importance inside and outside of Lithuania. It ...

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“She manipulates sounds like a sorcerer”-MIRGA

By Alexandra Kudukis. On March 1, a group of more than 30 California Lithuanians gathered at the Los angeles walt Disney Concdert Hall for a evening of Mozart, stravinsky and Beethoven. They unfurled a Lithuanian flag on the steps in honor of the Los angeles Philharmonic’s recently appointed assistant Conductor, ...

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By VIDA KUPRYS. Lithuania’s guerilla resistance against the Soviet occupation was a decade-long secret war which lasted from 1944 to 1953. From its very inception it was a tragic confrontation. Hope-filled dreams of liberation by the West eventually turned to resignation. The wonted cavalry just never arrived. Images of mutilated corpses ...

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St. Peter Lithuanian Parish in Boston – New Challenges

By Father Stephen Žukas. St. Peter Lithuanian Parish in South Boston was established in 1895. Its church was built in 1901. The majority of its Lithuanian parishioners now live outside the neighborhood in surrounding suburbs or even in neighboring states. On September 21st, the parish celebrated its 110 year jubilee. Simona ...

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