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Femme au Foyer – 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas

Found a great blog by Latvian-American Liene Kukainis. It’s called “Femme au foyer” which translates to “woman at the hearth.” For the past several years Liene has been putting together a list of posts each December each having something to do with a Baltic Christmas. Here are the postings to-date ...

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Aloyzas Baronas and the Christmas harmonica tale

We received an inquiry at Lithuanian Heritage relating to a very short story written by Aloyzas Baronas, about “Kaziuko Armonika.”  The reader wanted to know where one could find more stories like this to read to children about the magical goings on during the night before Christmas, where animals are ...

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A trip turned pilgrimage. OUR LADY OF ŠILUVA DE RINCON, NEW MEXICO


Vilius Žalpys. On Oct. 1, 2015, I flew out of Portland, Oregon, to visit with family and friends in Los Angeles, California, and attend the annual Lithuanian Days Festival at St. Casimir’s Parish in LA. I intended to spend the week in and around LA. As I was filling out ...

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IT’S A MIRACLE! Holy Doors Opened at Lithuanian Parish

Parish priests await to begin the Holy Door ceremonies at Immaculate Conception Church in Chicago's Brighton Park.

Viktoras Kelmelis. Pope Francis has declared 2016 to be the Year of Divine Mercy. On Holy Thursday, Bishop Alberto Rojas announced that Brighton Park’s Immaculate Conception church ( 2745 W. 44th Street, Chicago, IL) was chosen to be an official Year of Divine Mercy Shrine. Immaculate Conception Parish was founded ...

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Saulute: A Repository of Precious Childhood Memories

By MILDA B. RICHARDSON. Older generations familiar with rural life in Lithuania describe how the Christmas season was traditionally one of tranquility, a time for quiet meditation. This kind of peace is hard to achieve in the frenetic urban environment. Throughout the centuries following the introduction of Christianity in Lithuania, Advent ...

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By VITALIJUS ZAIKAUSKAS. It is July 2014 and it has finally arrived –– the National Lithuanian Song Festival. It takes place in Vilnius in Vingis Park, a site which has become identified with the first massive gatherings demanding freedom some twenty years ago. But today we are here to celebrate. We ...

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A conversation with the Luschas family

The Knights of Lithuania have surpassed their 100 year anniversary, but its membership keeps the organization young and vibrant. Take the Luschas family – active members of the K of L – their creative spirit and cando attitude is making Lithuania a household name throughout the United States. Elaine and ...

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Monadnock Chorus embraces the Lithuanian Choral Tradition

By ILONA W. KWIECIEN. “I would like to thank The Monadnock Chorus for this beautiful concert. Thank you for honoring our country, for representing our culture. Thank You for bringing us together and exposing our wonderful Lithuanian heritage! It is a gift to us!” – extolled Dalia Shilas, one of ...

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The Jesuits in Vilnius

By Antanas Saulaitis, S.J. VILNIUS HAS BEEN THE center of Lithuania, both Grand Duchy and Replic, for seven centuries. For two of those centuries, Vilnius was the hub of a wheel of Jesuit education and ministry from Prussia to Russia, Estonia to northern Poland. The Jesuit heritage in the capital ...

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The Lithuanian Chapel in St. Peter S Basilica

By K. Paul Žygas A TRIP TO ROME WITHOUT VISITING ST. Peter’s Basilica would be like going to a birthday party but missing out on the cake. This great church, one of the Eternal City’s principal monuments, is continuously open, even during repairs and restorations, and admission is free. But ...

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