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Profiles: a Noble Prize Winner’s Views On Lithuania

BY ALBERT CIZAUSKAS One of the greatest poets o f our time — who regards his boyhood home as the center of his world, and Vilnius as the most astonishing city — reveals some private thoughts about his heritage and the land o f his ancestors. The famous Polish poet ...

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Lithuanian Profiles: Apostle of the Alleghenies

By Albert Cizauskas Apostle of the Alleghenies The first Catholic priest ordained in the United States , who received all his training here, was descended from one of Lithuania’s greatest rulers, Gediminas. Truth is stranger than , fiction and seldom was this more evident than in the life of Father ...

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Kosciusko: Soldier, Humanitarian, Lithuanian

by Albert Cizauskas Soldier, Humanitarian, Lithuanian “Lithuania — My fellow countrymen and compatriots1. I was born on your soil and in my ardor for my homeland there is within me a special inclination toward those among whom I began my life… Lithuania — Glorious for valor and citizenship… I vow ...

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a Man for All Reasons: Jurgis Matulaitis

by Albert Cizauskas A Man for All Reasons: Jurgis Matulaitis “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!…In action, how like an angel!” – Shakespeare ARCHBISHOP JURGIS (GEORGE) MATULAITIS is revered for his adamant refusal tolerate politics within the Church. For this and ...

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The Women’s Hour

by Albert Cizauskas. BAD, BOLD AND BRILLIANT, six women ruled Czarist Russia in their own right and notas royal wives during the most turbulent years in its history. Few are aware that three were of Lithuanian ancestry. Matching skill with skill, violence with violence and guile with guile, all were ...

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