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Beautiful Lithuania: Palanga Yesterday… and Today

BY  VYTAS KERNIUS PALANGA  Yesterday ….. and Today Lithuania’s most popular beach resort is probably the finest in the Baltics. With its long history intertwined with legends, it looks to a bright future. PALANGA, Situated a few miles north of the port city of Klaipe­ da, is the most famous ...

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M. K. Čiurlionis: Visionary Painter and Composer

by Vytas Kernius. M.K. ČIURLIONIS Visionary Painter and Composer “Lithuanian folk art must be the foundation of our art; and an original Lithuanian style must come out of it; it is our pride because the beauty which it contains is pure, original, and completely Lithuanian” M. K. Čiurlionis MOST OF ...

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Napoleon’s Lithuanian Adventure

by  Vytas Kernius. While the arrival of the French Emperor in Lithuania was all fun and games, his departure turned out to be a disaster. IN THREE SUCCESSIVE PARTITIONS during the second part of the 18th century – and particularly the last one in 1795 – Austria, Prussia and Russia ...

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The Great Families of Lithuania

by Vytas Kernius. MANY OF US HAVE heard of the Tudors and Windsors of England, the Valois and Bourbons of France, the Habsburgs of Austria and Hungary, and the Radziwills and Czartoriskis of Poland. Right? Wrong! Well, at least partially wrong. The truth is that the Radziwills and Czartoriskis are ...

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