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The When, How, and Why of the Lithuanians in Scotland

BY JOHN MILLAR (JONAS STEPŠIS) MY INTEREST IN THE LITHUANIAN COMMUNITY in Scotland stems, firstly, from the fact that I am the Scots-born son of Lithuanian immigrants who settled in Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century. Secondly, from a deep, compulsive desire to find my roots. When I ...

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My Father was a Smuggler

by John Millar (Jonas Stepšis) The two swimmers carefully pushed their water-proof wrapped bundles onto the sloping riverbank and slipped silently out of the water. Shaking themselves like dogs to rid their bodies of as much water as possible, they hurriedly donned the clothes that were secured to the top ...

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in Search of Baltic Roots: Tracing the Trail of One’s Ancestors

BY JOHN MILLAR ASOFT “CLUNK” FROM SOMEWHERE BELOW my feet and a slight, insistent pressure pushing me back into the seat indicated that the undercarriage had retracted and the aircraft was reaching for altitude. I leaned my head against the headrest as my thoughts went swirling, tumbling crazily through my ...

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Lithuanian Profiles: the Darius and Girėnas Mystery

BY JOHN MILLAR Almost 70 years later, the true cause of the fateful crash of the “Lituanica” and the death of its two pilots remains an unsolved mystery. IN THE YEAR 1993 LIETUVOS BANKAS, Lithuania’s National Bank, issued a Treasury note, valued at 10 litas, on the face of which ...

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