Lithuanian Heritage, now a supplement to DRAUGAS NEWS, is the leading publication about Lithuania and Lithuanians in the English language. Its readers are those of Lithuanian descent and their non-Lithuanian friends in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Lithuania, and many other countries.

Its content is informative, educational, and entertaining. Every bimonthly issue brings articles, stories, photographs, and illustrations about a variety of subjects and themes of interest to those who want to know more about Lithuania, its past, present, and future.

Some of the topics covered in past issues include:

  • Interesting and unusual highlights of early and modern Lithuanian history.
  • Famous Lithuanian personalities of the past and present who helped shape Lithuanian, American, and world events.
  • Brave Lithuanian kings, dukes, and warriors who extended Lithuania’s borders from the Baltic to the Black Sea.
  • Stories, myths, legends, and fairytales about maidens with amber-colored hair, and young warriors who risked their lives to rescue and protect them.
  • Legendary gods of the sea, land, and thunder.
  • Unusual historic, artistic, architectural, and tourist attractions.
  • Traveling tips, where to stay and eat, where to go, and what to see.
  • Folk art, native costumes, holidays, language, customs and traditions.
  • Searching for your Lithuanian “roots”.
  • Lithuanian immigration, and places and events associated with it.
  • What’s happening in Lithuania today, and in Lithuanian communities around the world.
  • Lithuanian food recipes.
  • ... and much much more...

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