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Lithuanian Profiles: Apostle of the Alleghenies

By Albert Cizauskas Apostle of the Alleghenies The first Catholic priest ordained in the United States , who received all his training here, was descended from one of Lithuania’s greatest rulers, Gediminas. Truth is stranger than , fiction and seldom was this more evident than in the life of Father ...

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Vytautas the Great

by Tomas A. Michalskis,Ph.D. Vytautas the Great VYTAUTAS THE GREAT (1350- J1430), the eldest son of Birute rand Kestutis was born into a troubled world. It was a time in which the very existence of the Lithuanian people and emerging state were seriously threatened. Internally, Lithuania was both blessed and ...

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Kosciusko: Soldier, Humanitarian, Lithuanian

by Albert Cizauskas Soldier, Humanitarian, Lithuanian “Lithuania — My fellow countrymen and compatriots1. I was born on your soil and in my ardor for my homeland there is within me a special inclination toward those among whom I began my life… Lithuania — Glorious for valor and citizenship… I vow ...

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Napoleon’s Lithuanian Adventure

by  Vytas Kernius. While the arrival of the French Emperor in Lithuania was all fun and games, his departure turned out to be a disaster. IN THREE SUCCESSIVE PARTITIONS during the second part of the 18th century – and particularly the last one in 1795 – Austria, Prussia and Russia ...

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The First Lithuanian in America

BY VAL RAMONIS. Many stories abound about early Lithuanian immigrants and colonizers in America. Some of these stories are undocumented, while others have some historical background that still needs to be researched. There are speculations that the first Lithuanians to arrive on the American continent were craftsmen in the group ...

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The Great Families of Lithuania

by Vytas Kernius. MANY OF US HAVE heard of the Tudors and Windsors of England, the Valois and Bourbons of France, the Habsburgs of Austria and Hungary, and the Radziwills and Czartoriskis of Poland. Right? Wrong! Well, at least partially wrong. The truth is that the Radziwills and Czartoriskis are ...

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