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Lithuanian Roots: Your Coat-Of-Arms Is Showing: an Outline of Lithuanian Heraldry

By RIMA MEDELIS Your Coat Of Arms Is Showing: An outline of Lithunian Heraldry HERALDRY—- AN OLD WORD DERIVED FROM GREEK -— is the art or science having to do with coats-of-arms. Heraldry is closely related with history, archaeology, numismatics, sphragistics (the study of seals), and particularly genealogy. It helps …

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Lithuanian Roots: Women’s Names Part Six. Origin and Formation of Lithuanian Surnames

By RIMA MEDELIS Origin and Formation of Lithuanian Surnames Part Six Women’s Personal Names Since names of women did not begin to appear in Lithuanian historical records and documents until much later than those of men, we do not exactly know what types of personal names Lithuanian women used before …

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