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Lithuanian Profiles: Saint Casimir in the Context of His Time

By Tomas Michalskis, PH.D   Saint Casimir ( Šventas Kazi ieras), Lithuania’s PATRON AND ONLY CANONIZED SAINT, WAS BORN INTO THE ILLUSTRIOUS LITHUANIAN DYNASTY OF GEDIMINAS in Cracow, Poland in 1458. He was the grandson of Jogaila, Grand Duke of Lithuania, who accepted Christianity and ascended the Polish throne in …

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Lithuanian History Highlights: Bells & Bellringers Varpas and the ‘Varpininkai’

BY  TOMAS MICHALSKIS, PH.D. In Janury , 1889, th e first issue of  Varpas (The Bell) appeared. With it began a new stage in the history of the developm ent of the Lithuanian press. Varpas lasted until 1905, much longer than any other periodical in Lithuania at that time. With …

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Vytautas the Great

by Tomas A. Michalskis,Ph.D. Vytautas the Great VYTAUTAS THE GREAT (1350- J1430), the eldest son of Birute rand Kestutis was born into a troubled world. It was a time in which the very existence of the Lithuanian people and emerging state were seriously threatened. Internally, Lithuania was both blessed and …

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