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Customs & Traditions: the Lithuanian Wedding a Family Celebration

THE LITHUANIAN WEDDING A FAMILY CELEBRATION THEN … THE MOST IMPORTANT WAY OF PRESERVING AND continuing cultural traditions has always been, and still remains, through the family. In Lithuanian culture, starting a family was not just the couple’s personal responsibility. Weddings were always community affairs joining not only two people, ...

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the Man From ‘Red October’: Jonas Pleškys

by Marijona Venzlauskaite Boyle THE MAN FROM RED OCTOBER When Tom Clancy’s novel “The Hunt for Red October” became a best seller and was made into a successful motion picture starring Sean Connery, everyone believed it was only fiction. Everyone, except Jonas Pleškys, the man on whom the book was ...

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Lithuanian Roots: Women’s Names Part Six. Origin and Formation of Lithuanian Surnames

By RIMA MEDELIS Origin and Formation of Lithuanian Surnames Part Six Women’s Personal Names Since names of women did not begin to appear in Lithuanian historical records and documents until much later than those of men, we do not exactly know what types of personal names Lithuanian women used before ...

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a Man for All Reasons: Jurgis Matulaitis

by Albert Cizauskas A Man for All Reasons: Jurgis Matulaitis “What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty!…In action, how like an angel!” – Shakespeare ARCHBISHOP JURGIS (GEORGE) MATULAITIS is revered for his adamant refusal tolerate politics within the Church. For this and ...

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M. K. Čiurlionis: Visionary Painter and Composer

by Vytas Kernius. M.K. ČIURLIONIS Visionary Painter and Composer “Lithuanian folk art must be the foundation of our art; and an original Lithuanian style must come out of it; it is our pride because the beauty which it contains is pure, original, and completely Lithuanian” M. K. Čiurlionis MOST OF ...

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The Women’s Hour

by Albert Cizauskas. BAD, BOLD AND BRILLIANT, six women ruled Czarist Russia in their own right and notas royal wives during the most turbulent years in its history. Few are aware that three were of Lithuanian ancestry. Matching skill with skill, violence with violence and guile with guile, all were ...

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