Aloyzas Baronas and the Christmas harmonica tale

We received an inquiry at Lithuanian Heritage relating to a very short story written by Aloyzas Baronas, about “Kaziuko Armonika.”  The reader wanted to know where one could find more stories like this to read to children about the magical goings on during the night before Christmas, where animals are …

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Mission Siberia 2016 – Now Recruiting in the US

Mission Siberia participants.

Part adventure, part history course and civics lesson, Mission Siberia (MS) is an annual two-week expedition by young Lithuanians to various locales in Siberia, where Lithuanians were once forcibly exiled by the Soviet government. MS has become one the most recognized youth-centered projects in Lithuania. The initial purpose of the …

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“I Love Constitutional Law”, a Conversation with Vaidotas Vaičaitis, a 2017 Joseph P. Kazickas Fellow at Yale

Vaidotas Vaičaitis.

Ramunė Kubilius. Vaidotas A. Vaičaitis, an Associate Professor of Law at Vilnius University, is one of two recipients of the Joseph P. Kazickas Fellowships at Yale University for 2017. As Visiting Associate Professor in European Studies at Yale University, he will undertake research and analysis dealing with Lithuania’s current constitutional …

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Children Need Education and Love: Fifteen Years of the Child’s Gate to Learning

By RAMUNĖ KUBILIUS. In 1997, at the 10th World Lithuanian Symposium on Arts and Sciences in Chicago, social workers from Lithuania presented the sad and disturbing state of Lithuania’s street children. Their growing numbers, dismal living conditions and inadequate government programs dealing with the problem shocked symposium attendees. The children …

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Vilnius University 425 Years of Enlightened Learning

  The Vilnius University, which celebrates its 425th anniversary this year, is the oldest establishment of higher education in Lithuania. Established in 1579, for a long time it became the easternmost European university spreading the light of learning not only to ethnic Lithuania, the multinational Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but …

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