Aš myliu Lietuva : Studying abroad in Lithuania

By BRIANNA MARTH. I am a senior in the College of Business at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, graduating this semester with a degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management with a specialty in Marketing. My university is part of the MAUI-Utrecht exchange studies program. Vilnius University is also part of …

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Hillforts of Lithuania

by Gloria Kivytaitė O’Brien LITHUANIA IS A LAND OF MANY LAKES AND, IT seems, even many more hills. The oval, flat-topped shapes and looming aspect of many hills identify them as hillforts (piliakalniai), or the remains of ancient fortified places. There are more than 800 places in Lithuania that are …

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Beautiful Lithuania: Sahara on the Baltic

BY JOE LUKAITIS. IT IS TOLD that a long, long time ago, Karvaitis, ruler of the Island of Užmaris in the Baltic Sea, had a giant daughter named Neringa. Neringa was very beautiful and very good to people. She would try to help them in any way she could. During …

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