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Rediscovering a Lost Heritage

By John J. Chernoski (Černiauskas) REDISCOVERING A LOST HERITAGE THE HOLOCAUST HAS NEARLY ERASED FROM OUR collective memory a people who were long a vibrant part of the Lithuanian scene – the Litvaks (Lithuanian Jews.) During the 14th century Grand DukeGediminas encouraged immigrants to assist in the economicgrowth of the …

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“Little Lithuania, Usa” Schuylkill County, PA

BY JOHN J. CHERNOSKI (ČERNIAUSKAS) “Little Lithuania, Usa” Schuylkill County, PA THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES THERE ARE NUMEROUS places where a particular ethnic group has long been identified with an area, and names such as “Little Italy,” “Germantown,” “Chinatown,” etc. have become a part of the local fabric. I decided …

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