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The Kurnėnai School and Laurent Radziukynas

By Gediminas Indreika. West of Alytus, between the Aniškis forest and Luksnėnu lake, lies the village of Kurnėnai. In the 1880s Laurynas (Laurent) Radziukynas trekked 8 kilometers daily to the nearest school in Miroslavas, a hardship that would leave an indelible impression in the boy’s mind. In 1934, as a …

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Vytautas K. Jonynas in America

V.K. Jonynas with section of mosaic-bas relief, for the cafeteria at Rikers Island, NY. (LRSC Archive)

By Gediminas Indreika. Over the many years of creative work in America, Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas decorated more than 80 buildings, most of which were sacred spaces. His decorative elements were renowned for their originality and imagination. Their expression in stained glass, sculpture and mosaics conferred a distinctiveness and unique character …

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By GEDIMINAS INDREIKA. The exhibit at Purdue University’s Robert L. Ringel GalleryWhat Will You Remember When I’m Gone (October 27 to December 6, 2014) offers a rare glimpse into the work of Charles Pansirna, a distinguished Lithuanian-American photographer. The exhibit also displays contemporary photographs by Owen Mundy, though primarily military portraits …

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Between Giants

By GEDIMINAS INDREIKA. History books by American authors rarely touch upon the subject of how the Baltic States became the victims of the Soviet Union’s aggression. Lithuanians educated in the Soviet era often do not understand their nation’s past because the history they were taught was deliberately distorted, portraying Russia …

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