What is Kūčios without fish?

Silkės su  grybais

3 herrings
1/2 lb.  dried mushrooms
2 onions
2 Tbsps.  cooking oil
Soak herrings overnight in cold water. Skin, fillet and slice. Boil mushrooms in water till soft; drain and slice fine. Slice onions, fry lightly in oil. Add mushrooms and dash of pepper. Cool. In serving dish place alternate layers of herring and mushrooms. Let stand several hours. Garnish with parsley or onions.

Tešloje  keptos  silkės

6 herrings,  boned and cleaned
2 eggs,  separated
1  Tbsp.  sour cream
1 1/2  Tbsps. flour
5  Tbsps.  butter or oil for frying
Soak herrings about 24 hours, changing the water, so that they are not too salty. Cut herrings in half length­ wise. Beat the egg yolks, add sour cream, flour, and beaten egg whites, mixing gently. Dip herring halves in the dough and fry on both sides in frying pan in butter or oil.

Silkės su  grietine

6 herrings
4 onions
2 oz.  butter or oil
2  Tbsps. flour
1  cup sour cream
Dash pepper
Prepare herrings same way as in above recipe; remove bones, sprinkle with flour, sautee in the butter or oil. When done, sprinkle with pepper. Make a slit in the back of the fish before frying –  this will prevent it from curling up. Slice the onions and sautee in butter or oil, stir in sour cream and heat. Pour over the fried herrings and serve with boiled potatoes. This herring dish is very tasty, but the herrings must be well soaked before frying.

Žuvies  kukuliai  drebučiuose

2 lbs.  any firm fish,  boned
4  Tbsps.  bread crumbs
1  medium onion, chopped
1  Tbsp.  olive oil
1  Tbsp.  butter
1 egg
Salt and pepper
3 cups light broth
1 envelope gelatin
Grind fish in a blender or food processor together with the bread crumbs and the chopped onion (which was first sauteed lightly in olive oil.) Add the butter and egg, along with salt and pepper to taste, and form the mixture into small balls. Boil them in the broth. Cool. Strain broth and add gelatin. Pour a little of the aspic mixture into bottom of a bowl and add the fish balls after the aspic layer becomes firm. Then add the rest of the broth and chill until firm. Unmold onto a platter before serving, and decorate with greens and vegetables.

Žuvies  maltiniai

3 lbs. fish
2 oz.  butter or oil
2 eggs
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/2 cup milk
1 onion
Both kinds o f pepper
Small fish may also be used for croquettes, but all bones must be removed. Clean fish, remove bones and skin. To make boning easier, put the fish into hot water for a short time. This sets the flesh and makes it easier to remove the bones. Grind the fish together with the bread crumbs and onion sauteed in butter or oil. Add the eggs, pepper, and salt; mix well. Form into croquettes, sprinkle with bread crumbs and fry in hot fat. Lower the heat during last part of frying. Tomato, mushroom or sour cream sauce should be served with the croquettes.

Silkės  pomidorų  padaže

4 herrings
3 onions
1/2 bottle tomato ketchup  (diluted tomato sauce or paste can also be used)
2 bay leaves
1/3 tsp.  sugar
Pepper to taste,  if desired Cooking oil Soak herrings in cold water for 24 hours. Remove bones, cut each herring into four pieces. Dip in flour and fry lightly in oil.  (If preferred, herring need not be fried; in that event, flour is not used.) Slice onions, fry in oil until tender; add tomato, bay leaves, pepper and sugar. Boil 5 minutes. Pour hot over herrings. Set in cool place over­ night. Other fish (fresh) may be prepared in similar fashion.