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Beautiful Lithuania: Sahara on the Baltic

BY JOE LUKAITIS. IT IS TOLD that a long, long time ago, Karvaitis, ruler of the Island of Užmaris in the Baltic Sea, had a giant daughter named Neringa. Neringa was very beautiful and very good to people. She would try to help them in any way she could. During ...

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“Kūčios”. Recipes We Think You’ll Enjoy: Šližikai or Preskučiai, Christmas Eve Biscuits, Herring Salad Platter, Dried-Fruit Compote, Poppy Seed Milk

The Lithuanian Christmas Eve Dinner is not just a meal – it’s a ritual. The dishes are delicious, and what’s more – they’re healthy ŠLIŽIKAI OR PRESKUČIAI Christmas Eve Biscuits 1 cup self-rising flour 2 cups ordinary flour 2 tbsps. powdered sugar 1 egg 1/2 lb. margarine (2 sticks) 1 ...

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The Great Families of Lithuania

by Vytas Kernius. MANY OF US HAVE heard of the Tudors and Windsors of England, the Valois and Bourbons of France, the Habsburgs of Austria and Hungary, and the Radziwills and Czartoriskis of Poland. Right? Wrong! Well, at least partially wrong. The truth is that the Radziwills and Czartoriskis are ...

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Did Adam and Eve Speak Lithuanian?

by Prof. Casimir Dobilas. We often hear that Lithuanian is the oldest and most archaic European language still spoken today. We also hear that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Both statements are probably true. The prominent Swiss scholar and great friend of Lithuania Professor Dr. ...

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