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75 Years and Going Strong. The American Legion Lithuanian Post Commemoration in Baltimore

Lithuanian Legion Baltimore Post 154 at the annual Kosciusko Commemoration at West Point in 2010.

Henry L. Gaidis. This year the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Lithuania is being celebrated by virtually every Lithuanian enclave throughout the world. The American Legion Lithuanian Post 154, Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday, September 16, 2018, took the occasion to also commemorate the 100th Anniversary of …

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Lithuanian American National Council, Madison Square Garden, New York, March 13-14, 1918.

Henry L. Gaidis. A frequently overlooked historic fact is that Lithuania’s Declaration of Independence of February 16th, 1918, did not occur overnight. It was, instead, the consequence of a series of significant events and political developments. This, of course, does not detract from the achievement which the declaration’s signatories brought …

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Baltimore Lithuanian Hall Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

By HENRY L. GAIDIS. The Baltimore Lithuanian American community on Saturday, January 10, 2015, held a gala celebration in commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Baltimore Lithuanian Hall Association (Amerikos lietuvių bendruomenė Baltimorė) in the main ballroom of its venerable old building located at 851-853 Hollins Street, Baltimore, …

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Vytautas Andrius Graičiūnas

Lithuanian-American Management Theorist and Aviation Hero by Henry L. Gaidis. Vytautas Andrius Graičiūnas is one of the most noted Lithuanians, famous for his contribution to management theory. He studied how many subordinates a manager can best supervise and came up with an equation that is still widely cited today, showing …

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The Great war in Lithuania 1914 -1918

By Henry L. Gaidis This August commemorated the hundredth anniversary of the start of World War I, one of the bloodiest in history. During the four-year conflict, over nine million combat- ants and seven million civilians died, and the struggle resulted in the demise of several great nation- states. The …

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The Liberation of Klaipėda

By Henry L. Gaidis An ingenious plot returns Lithuania’s only seaport after centuries of separation, and opens up its gateway to the world THIS YEAR MARKS THE NINE- tieth anniversary of the Liberation of Klaipėda, one of the most significant events in Lithuanian history in the modern era. Although most …

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Rev. Antanas Mackevicius – an Unlikely Lithuanian 1863-1864 Insurrection Leader

By Henry L. Gaidis ALTHOUGH MOST LITHUANIAN Americans are aware of the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Lithuania during World War II and the subsequent heroic partisan struggle, few are aware of the heroic struggle fought by Lithuanian partisans during the 1831 and 1863-1864 insurrections. On three occasions, the Lithuanian …

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A Lithuanian Perspective On Napoleon’s 1812 Russia Campaign

by Henry L. Gaidis TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO, Napoleon embarked on his epic 1812 Russia Campaign with high hopes of securing his total control of the European Continent. Although the story of this tragic campaign is known by virtually every high school student, few are aware of Lithuanian involvement in …

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The Kosciusko Nationality Question

By Henry L. Gaidis “What am I if not a Lithuanian, one of your chosen countrymen?… Whom should I defend if not you and myself?… It angers me to be away from Lithuania and serving in Poland…” –Thaddeus Kosciusko I RECENTLY ATTENDED A SEMINAR AT THE U.S. Military Academy in …

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