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Veronika Krausas-Driven to create music

By TADDES KORRIS. Lithuanian-Canadian composer Veronika Krausas is driven to create music that coalesces with other art forms. Be it film, dance, poetry and other mediums, it has been Krausas’ vision to link her music with the arts as a whole. Her relationships with leading figures in the realms of theater, …

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I strive to be a Lithuanian national composer.

By TADDES KORRIS. This is a third in a series of articles that explore the works and lives of Lithuanian artistic luminaries who are unduly neglected. Seldom mentioned outside of Lithuania, these artists and their work represent the social and artistic trends of great importance inside and outside of Lithuania. It …

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Vladas Jakubėnas: From “A Remote and Lyrical Place”

By TADDES KORRIS. The name of Vladas Jakubėnas is one of great importance in Lithuanian musical and cultural history. His creative work took shape during the ’20s and ’30s, when Europe was bustling with new ideas in art, technology, psychology and ideology. Lithuania, a free state since 1918, was defined by …

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