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Neringa a Place of Quiet Pleasures

Text and photos by JULIE SKURDENIS. THE CURONIAN SPIT (KURŠIŲ NERINGA) IS A 60 mile long narrow finger of forest and sand that separates the Curonian Lagoon (Kuršių Marios) from the Baltic Sea. The northern portion of the spit is Lithuanian. It’s called Neringa after a legendary giantess who supposedly ...

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President Dalia Grybauskaitė: “Europe Needs to Become Stronger Now”

Nuclear Security Summit.

Rosseta Vingevičiūtė-Wilbur. (Special for “Draugas” from Washington, DC) On March 30, Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė arrived in Washinton, DC, to attend the Nuclear Security Summit. Invited by President Barack Obama, she and some 50 other world leaders discussed nuclear security, shadowed by concern that Islamic State terrorists are seeking to penetrate ...

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The Liberation of Klaipėda

By Henry L. Gaidis An ingenious plot returns Lithuania’s only seaport after centuries of separation, and opens up its gateway to the world THIS YEAR MARKS THE NINE- tieth anniversary of the Liberation of Klaipėda, one of the most significant events in Lithuanian history in the modern era. Although most ...

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Latvia: a Look At Our Northern Cousins

BY JAMES M. BOUBONIS Lithuanians often refer to their northern neighbors as “the nation of brothers.” But how many similarities and differences can we find between the two countries? THE CULTURE OF LATVIA BEARS A STRONG RE- semblance to that of its ethnic and linguistic sister to the south – ...

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Contrasts: a Tale of Two (Small) Cities

By Kazys Almenas A Tale of Two (Small) Cities Actually, when our story opens , one of these is just a charming town, the other — a picturesque village. The town is called Krantas, Cranz in German. Located at the spot where the Curonian Spit begins, 33 km by train ...

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Profiles: ‘The Klaipėda Liberator’

BY TOM GREGG (GRIGONIS) ‘The Klaipėda Liberator’ Although Jew historical works record it, Jonas Budrys was the chief engineer of one of Lithuania’s proudest moments: 1923 suprising in the Klaipėda Territory. History is like as sieve , a great filter of facts. The smaller, less significant data falls through and ...

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Beautiful Lithuania: Sahara on the Baltic

BY JOE LUKAITIS. IT IS TOLD that a long, long time ago, Karvaitis, ruler of the Island of Užmaris in the Baltic Sea, had a giant daughter named Neringa. Neringa was very beautiful and very good to people. She would try to help them in any way she could. During ...

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