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‘Gold of the North’

By Leif Brost Amber, a fossilized tree resin millions of years old, has fascinated civilizations for millennia. This fascination continues to this day. LITHUANIANS REGARD AMBER AS THEIR “GOLD.” Others refer to Baltic amber as the “Gold of the North.” While amber can be found throughout the world, the finest ...

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Profiles: a Lithuanian Musical Jewel “Mūza the Magnificent”

By Arnold Voketaitis PERHAPS MANY OF LITHUANIAN, HERITAGE readers or opera/concert goers will remember my name from my 45 year international/ national operatic/concert career. Well, this article is not about my career, but about Lithuania’s great internationally acclaimed, honored and brilliant pianist Muza Rubackyte. When Chicago’s premiere classical radio station ...

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Museums: Prehistoric Lithuania a New Museum Dedicated to the Past

BY JULIE SKURDENIS Prehistoric Lithuania a New Museum Dedicated to the Past IN THE HEART OF VILNIUS, LITHUANIA’S CAPITAL, rises Gediminas Hill. At 158 feet it towers over the city spread out below. Here — so legend says — King Gediminas founded Vilnius in the 14th century, making it his ...

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Folklore: the Musical Heritage of Lithuanian

BY RODERICK TUCK THE MUSICAL HERITAGE OF LITHUANIA Lithuanian music ranges from the most archaic forms of folk music to the more stylistic compositions of today. Throughout the centuries music has accompanied Lithuanians on every sort of occasion. There were songs, called dainos, for the daily tasks of reaping, herding, ...

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The Lithuanian Experience: Hurray for Hollywood: Lithuanians On the Silver Screen

A MOVIE IS IN TROUBLE IF THE FINAL CREDITS are as interesting as the picture. But study the closer on Disney’s blockbuster “The Lion King”. In the five long minutes it runs, you will acquire a sense of where today’s $80 million budgets are coming from. And you will see, ...

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M. K. Čiurlionis: Visionary Painter and Composer

by Vytas Kernius. M.K. ČIURLIONIS Visionary Painter and Composer “Lithuanian folk art must be the foundation of our art; and an original Lithuanian style must come out of it; it is our pride because the beauty which it contains is pure, original, and completely Lithuanian” M. K. Čiurlionis MOST OF ...

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