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Mission Siberia 2016 – Now Recruiting in the US

Mission Siberia participants.

Part adventure, part history course and civics lesson, Mission Siberia (MS) is an annual two-week expedition by young Lithuanians to various locales in Siberia, where Lithuanians were once forcibly exiled by the Soviet government. MS has become one the most recognized youth-centered projects in Lithuania. The initial purpose of the ...

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Trakėnai – A Breed of Horses Heralds its Birthplace

Lithuanian-bred horses.

By Egidijus Bacevičius. Greater Trakėnai (Hauptgestüt Trakehnen) is famous as a birthplace of riding horses. The origin of the Trakėnai breed and the attempts to preserve it are a part of equestrian history that involves Germany and Lithuania Minor, and recently, Russia as well. “Trakėnai” is an old Baltic word meaning ...

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Making Waves in Lithuania

By LEO ALGMINAS. Soon after Lithuania regained its independence in 1991, I traveled there to see for myself what the country of my birth looked like after nearly a half century of Communism. As a self- employed consultant to a particular segment of manufacturing, I also scouted for ...

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Mysteries of the Night Sky: the Northern Lights in Lithuania

by Tadas Janušonis. The sky – an open treasure chest whose riches have been a source of wonder for mankind. Once the sun sets and darkness clutches the earth, thousands of clear sparkling gems adorn the sky. The stars have helped man to orient himself not only in place but ...

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Birding the Wetlands of Kaunas

by Philip Spendley. It is late August 2014 and time to make our yearly pilgrimage to Lithuania to spend some quality time with my wife’s family in Kaunas. We have made the trip every year for the past seven years, ever since my wife and I met whilst studying at ...

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Round and Round the Sleds Fly By on Lake Sartai

By Vilija Visockienė. The history of horse racing on the ice at Dusetos dates back more than two centuries. There is even a legend of how all of this got started: around Dusetos there once lived a wicked landowner. A serf asked permission to marry a beautiful young girl, but ...

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Vladas Jakubėnas: From “A Remote and Lyrical Place”

By TADDES KORRIS. The name of Vladas Jakubėnas is one of great importance in Lithuanian musical and cultural history. His creative work took shape during the ’20s and ’30s, when Europe was bustling with new ideas in art, technology, psychology and ideology. Lithuania, a free state since 1918, was defined by ...

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The culture of the the Lithuanian pirtis is impacting both sides of the Atlantic

By Vereta Rupeikaitė. A pirtis is a creation of both man and nature. In almost all lands where the weather gets cold, the need arose to experience complete, cleansing, body warmth and, at the same time, shake off nagging worries and negative thoughts. Heated stones splashed with water are used ...

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